Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Dream Come True 10 Years in The Making

After falling in love with Beaufort, SC 10 years ago and trying to get here for that long, and at times,wondering if I should just give up my obsession....
We made it!!!!!!!
We are still unpacking, and still catching our breath, it all came about very suddenly. We are so thankful and happy to be here.
Now we just have to get Matthew home from Iraq and Michael in college locally, and all will be perfect.
Glenda so happy that you wanted to take on our venture again:)
I have many pictures to share, and take and paint, but for now here is the Hunting Island Lighthouse at our favorite beach. We put our blanket down right in front of this view on Sunday. ahhhhhhhh

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's been awhile...

My goodness! It's been awhile since I've blogged (is that a word?)! Helena-are you shocked? I've been wanting to get on here and "get a whim on" is starting soon-so maybe once a routine starts again things will fall into place. Helena has just moved to a new home-I'm sure she'll have lovely photos to share. I've been super-busy freezing and canning veggies. We got lots of squash for this winter. photo today-I'm charging my camera. I mostly wanted to make an appearance.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Carved Little Birds

Finally, my new line of carved birds called,"Carolina Wren".
Little basswood birds in all shapes and colors with handmade wire feet.
I love making them!!
They can be found in my carving section at my site, (why can't I add a link??)
I think you need some to add to your bird collection.

Happy Birthday Michael

Oh the drama that February has brought to our home....
It leaves me speechless so at times like these I can't even begin to blog.
I will use this as my couchless therapy, hopefully not boring anyone.
I have been working hard and taking lots of nature photos, so promise to share and will get back on blogging track.....
So, to wish my now 19 year old baby boy Happy Birthday ...and as much as my poor heart is broken yet again, to congratulate him on his dream of serving his country, our country.
Michael enlisted in the Navy the day before his birthday. He will be a Corpsman, who will take care of the Marines medically, just like Matthew.
He has ALWAYS wanted to be a Marine like his dad, but after taking EMT and becoming certified through highschool has found his calling.
He will ship to boot camp in May, it's so hard for me to think about, so for now I will enjoy each day that he's home.
I still have little Hope who talks my ear off and keeps my mind thinking of other things, thankfully..

Monday, February 26, 2007

This Guy......

This guy is my oldest son Matthew.
This guy is the main reason for my loss of words lately~
This guy has left me feeling like my heart is being torn from my chest at any given moment~
This guy is home on his predeployment leave before he goes to Iraq~
This guy could not make us more proud to be his parents~

Monday, February 05, 2007

A Bit Of Winter Cheer

We are in the midst of our first winter in South Carolina and I have to say compared to Buffalo it has been a breeze.

The skies have been quite gray the past couple of weeks but when the sun shines I can't get over how beautiful everything is.

My tulip tree is in bloom and the neighbor's yard is full of Camelias. I am making a long list of flowers I would like in our yard and can't wait to get planting.

I would love to own my own nursery, and think of the money we would save. That is my sales pitch to Matt.... maybe someday~


Happy Birthday Hope

My sweet girl turned 8 on Groundhog's Day.

It's funny when you're a child the count down to your birthday starts months before. What excitement that day brings.

When you're older it's another story ha ha

Hope's day was full of fun, making cupcakes the night before and adding sprinkles the morning before we left for school. Her teacher is so sweet and makes each child feel so special.

Michael came in to surprise Hope. Big brothers are always such a hit with the kids and he is a whiz at pouring juice~thanks Michael!

Sadly after the festivities that night, Hope came down with the flu and is just getting beck to her chatty self. She hasn't even been able to play with her new toys.

This morning when she asked for her paper and pencils because she wanted to draw I breathed a thankful sigh of relief.

Happy Birthday Hope, we love you so much ( and I'm still patiently waiting to play with your metal detector!)


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Destined to Be Curtains

This box of vintage linens arrived in the mail today.
I tore open the box with utter excitement and had big plans to lay them out nicely so I could share with all of you, but the kitten of the house (Ashes, who is actually 13, and very far from being a kitten but we call her that anyway) had other plans.
One of my goals for January was to make valances/curtains for all of the windows.
Seeing that we are nearing the end of the month and I have yet to hang a curtain rod
I will take the pressure off and make it a February goal.
Although come to think of it, Hope turns 8 on Groundhog's Day, the following weekend we will have a sleepover with 6, 7-9 yr olds, Matthew comes home from the Navy for 3 glorious weeks before he goes to Iraq (we won't think of the sad part), and last but not least, Michael turns 19 on February 29 (well, this year the 28th).
I am presently working out a huge wholesale deal and projects aren't getting finished and may just come to a screeching halt, such as my Whim collage....
Never a dull moment, but life wasn't meant to be sitting on a beach somewhere sipping a margarita....or so it seems for me (sounds good though)
Talk soon~xoxo

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Weekend Adventures

The time is flying by and I have many unfinished projects and not enough blogging time, and I feel a tiny bit like a dog chasing it's tail.
This was supposed to be my weekend post about our weekend fun.... Let's pretend it's Sunday night shall we?
No, we didn't go on a cruise, and we didn't go sailing, but just as exciting (well, almost and to me anyway) we went into Charleston to the Old Marketplace to check out selling my carvings on Saturdays there. Matt is going to come with me which sadly enough is as close to a date as we seem to come. It will be fun surrounded by vendors of all sorts and happy shopping tourists, and laughing with my hubby.
Now I just have to get all of the licenses and be on a waiting list.
I didn't see any other wood carvers so hopefully I will be in right away.
Now to quickly build up my inventory, oh my, pass the paper bag please!!
We also wanted to see when the cruise ships come in and were told almost,if not daily. This one was in port and I snapped a picture as it was heading out to sea to places unknown to me.
Think of all of the carvings that could fit on the ship, it was HUGE!!!.
After our visit to the candy shop to get salt water taffy and praline samples, that they make in front of your wide eyes, we headed to the water front and I took this pic of the Egret and sail boat. I think I will get out my watercolors this weekend.
Ahhhhh the weekend, we already have this weekend's adventures planned.
Have a great night